Whiskey Women Weathered

In early 2013 I started working on what would turn out to be my first solo art show ever. I employed the help of some of my best friends here in Dallas and I started down a road I could not turn back from. 

The show was inspired by two major influences in life: whiskey and women. After months of preparation and a few minor set backs, I was able to host one of my absolute favorite events highlighting all original art by me. 

Pieces in the show included hand painted items such as leather jackets, boxing gloves and helmets as well as digital prints, hand painted wood panels and lots of other art created specifically for the show.

Jim Haynes, a Dallas based tattoo artist, set up a small table in the corner next to two hand drawn flash pages that I drew and took his tattoo machine to skin for a handful of people that showed up the night before to prepay and sign up. Around 15 original tattoos were inked during the show.