Dallas based burger restaurant in the Lower Greenville neighborhood. Designed all of the branding and merchandise from the ground up including color story, icons, logos, menus & signs.

Everything started from sketches and trend boards and eventually turned into full on neon signs, floor mats, reproduced vintage gas station pumps and even a nice placement on a driver and car for NASCAR.

Today Pints & Quarts stands as one of the most iconic buildings on a well traveled intersection in East Dallas drawing in customers who want to enjoy delicious burgers as much as they want to take selfies in a fun environment.

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I was asked to create a versatile mascot that could be used to illustrate any situation needed for seasonal signage or other typical restaurant related activities. Inspired by classic restaurant symbols like Big Boy and named after the owner's favorite race driver, Dale has become the most easily recognizable part of Pints & Quarts. 

He is the first person you are greeted by (in large neon sign form) and he sits atop the gas pumps inside the restaurant as well as the drink cups and along side other icons on the paper tray liners. There are also several stickers of our favorite little dude all around the interior.

Dale's early versions have since evolved and he has now been seen partying, voting, dancing, playing football/baseball and a slew of other activities to promote events or specials. Who knows what this little guy will be doing next? 

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