What We Do

Being a designer in the apparel industry can put you in charge of many roles at once. Marketing, sales, sourcing, technical design and general schmoozing are all part of the job. It can be as frustrating as it is fun and educational. What’s the most frustrating part? Working on projects and designs that you know have the potential to be great - only to have them killed by executives who just don’t know what people really want.

We found ourselves in a unique position. We are the customer, we know what we want, and we know how to make it.

We have worked on so many amazing projects that never made it to the shelf just because someone was scared to take a risk or just didn’t understand the people who are their customers. We knew it was time to skip the middle man and just make great products and find a way to get them straight into your hands.

Fresherthan has given us an amazing outlet to take the power back into our hands and make the things that we have always wanted to. We started with what we know best - fashion apparel and accessories.