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Licensed Apparel

Management, direction and lead designer for one of the most prominent apparel companies in the licensing business. 

Creating designs from style guides as well as custom original art for brand partners such as Warner Brothers/DC Comics, Marvel, Bethesda/Fallout, Corona, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Pink Floyd, Muhammad Ali, Nasa, Dragonball Z, Naruto, etc.

After creating an entire line of designs and products, a collection of catalogs is taken to retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's, Hot Topic, Spencer's, etc. Traveling to meet with these buyers is an essential part of the process to correctly communicate the intricacies of the designs, product and trend.

Designing a product is only the beginning. Merchandising, communicating with manufacturers and tech teams, visiting factories, trend shopping, sales trips, trade shows and client entertainment are all very important to building relationships and promoting the best business possible.


Something For Everyone

Graphic tees aren't the only thing in a guy's closet. Licensed apparel goes well beyond what it used to and it's up to the designer to keep up with the trends. Not only are the characters and verbiage important but creating innovative new product is essential to keeping your partnerships strong both at retail and with your brands.

Knitted outerwear, satin jackets, windbreakers, denim tops, button up woven shirts, athletic poly, screen printed bottoms, cut and sewn hoodies are just some of the products developed to feed the demand from the fans.

Basic tees evolve and change seasonally and it's the designer's responsibility to know what direction things will be going next.

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Real Retail Results

Cool designs don't mean anything unless they perform, but with research and attention to detail, this has not been a concern for the customer. There is a definitive feeling of pride in all of the design and treatments across all of these licensed products. Every single item must be even better than the last. Striving to maintain best sellers with updates and create new business in the open white space has always been a focus of licensed product development.

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