The Biggie Pin


Today we wanted to give you guys a little info about the very first pin we made here at Fresherthan – The Jesus B.I.G. Pin.

The gold finished hard enamel pin is a tribute to the late Brooklyn rapper and the Jesus piece he pioneered and wore in the 90s. Biggie was one of the first artists to don the piece that featured a diamond encrusted bust of the religious icon instead of the classic crucifix image. The new design zoomed in close and brought a completely different look to life. 

A few years back our artist, Nick Quintero, reimagined one of Biggie's most famous photos and created the Jesus B.I.G. design. Utilizing the thorn crown in place of the rapper's crown, we recreated the imagery and used it in several drawings and flash sheets. We knew that eventually this had to be done in gold. After a few speed bumps we decided to invest in this project and make the pin ourselves.


The gold metal look of the pin was absolutely perfect and was accompanied by a detailed backing card. The print on the card was designed to look like the Notorious B.I.G.'s classic Coogi sweater so that the pin sits perfectly in place as if being worn on a nice gold chain. These great details make the Biggie Pin one of our favorite pieces to date and we're glad you guys like it too!

Click here to get yours today.