Olivia Munn Gifs

Wow. I haven’t done this in a while. After fucking around on the internet for most of the day I stumbled upon a fancy gif of Olivia Munn from Babymakers and realized that I had not done an Olivia Munn gifs tribute on here since the relaunch. Well now I’ve … Read more


Stock & Prospect Clothing Co.

Welcome back, ya’ll. Since making the changes to Fresher Than and turning the site into an online store to sell my t-shirts, I’ve talked to a lot of my friends about getting their tees in the store too. So far, my buddy Mike Herrera has dropped the amazing Wu-Tanner shirt … Read more


Girl of the Week: Francesca Frigo

Francesca Frigo is best known as Playboy‘s Aug 2010 Playmate, so I admit, I’m a bit behind on this one. Nonetheless, this girl is smoking hot and I just so happened to stumble upon one of her pics on the internet. I’m glad I did. This led me to her … Read more


Girl of the Week: Anne Hathaway

This post probably should have come sooner but after watching The Dark Knight Rises on Thursday night, I haven’t been able to get the sexy Catwoman actress out of my head! Anne Hathaway has always been gorgeous to me (despite what my friend Courtney says) and I was pretty stoked … Read more

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Ashley Green X Esquire

Ashley Greene, of Twilight fame is out promoting her post Twilight career and her appearance in upcoming crappy horror movie The Apparition. She appears in this month’s Esquire magazine as the “Woman We Love”. [via Esquire]


Macri Elena Velez Sanchez for Options Lingerie

This Columbian beauty is an up and coming model. Her latest set if for Sexy Options Lingerie. Enjoy. [via Egotastic]

0FF_Ellis Cooper

Girl of the Week: Ellis Cooper

The Brits really do have it good. They’re hosting the Olympics later this month, and… I’ve got nothing. They are however, home to a whole slew of attractive young women making their way in the world as “Glamour Model/Actresses”. While no one is sure what that job actually entails, one … Read more


Kate Upton x GQ

First of all I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts this and last week. Please accept today’s post as a formal apology on behalf of the entire staff here at Fresher Than. After all of the internet gold that surfaced after Kate Upton’s photoshoot with Terry Richardson, the … Read more


Rihanna for Esquire UK

While I’m not really sure what she’s promoting this month, Rihanna is appearing on yet another magazine cover. This time its Esquire UK’s turn. They’ve posted five photos and a video of her latest photoshoot.  


Girls of the Week: Memorial Day Edition

Sorry this is a little late this week. We’ve all spent the long weekend celebrating Memorial Day, a day to commemorate those who have given their lives for this country. And what better way for Fresher Than to celebrate, than to post pictures of beautiful women in outfits featuring the … Read more

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