The Literary Tees of Miles to Go

I have a nagging feeling that I’m getting a little too old to wear tees all the time. That doesn’t mean, however, that it would hurt to have a few awesome ones sitting in a drawer when the occasion calls for it. Enter Miles to Go, a design collective that … Read more


The Superhero Stylings of Daniel Irizarri

Not an artist most people will have heard of, Daniel Irizarri is mostly known in comic circles for commissioned  work. His take on comic book characters is reminiscent of several artists, yet it manages to be distinct in it’s own way. While he hasn’t done regular work on a mainstream … Read more


Z.E.R.O.: Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations

Now I know that we all think about the coming zombie apocalypse from time to time, and the main thing that most of us think about is whether or not we’re prepared. Worrying about zombie apocalypse preparedness is now a thing of the past! OpticsPlanet.com is proud to present: the … Read more


The Art of Fluvio Di Piazza

The Jonathan Levine Gallery in Soho is set to debut a new set of artwork from Italian artist Fluvio Di Piazza. His obsession with fire and how it plays an integral part of life has lead to a compelling set of pieces. From the galley description: For this series, the … Read more

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Ashley Green X Esquire

Ashley Greene, of Twilight fame is out promoting her post Twilight career and her appearance in upcoming crappy horror movie The Apparition. She appears in this month’s Esquire magazine as the “Woman We Love”. [via Esquire]


Macri Elena Velez Sanchez for Options Lingerie

This Columbian beauty is an up and coming model. Her latest set if for Sexy Options Lingerie. Enjoy. [via Egotastic]


Life Size LEGO!

To celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary, the good people at LEGO are setting up installations of life size pieces all over Australia. First up, the citizens of Broken Hill woke up to find giant LEGO trees and flowers decorating the garden of an uninhabited house. [via DesignBoom]

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FF_Flying Car

Terrafugia Flying Car

Continuing the theme from yesterday, that the future I always dreamed of is almost here, WE NOW HAVE A WORKING FLYING CAR!!!!!!! If this trend continues, we’re going to be living on the moon in the next decade! But I digress. This amazing car is the brainchild of Terrafugia Inc. … Read more


Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Aren’t all digital cameras instant?”. Why yes, yes they are. This camera, in addition to being a digital camera the new Polaroid Z2300 prints your photos instantly. For those of you who miss the joy of polaroids and have been looking for a replacement, … Read more

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16-Bit Game of Thrones

Considering that converting TV shows and movies into classic 8 and 16-bit games has become a bit of thing, it’s no surprise that HBO’s hugely popular Game of Thrones is the next property to get the treatment. While most of these conversions are cool, this one plays with the tone … Read more