As some of you know, my good buddy, Alex, was involved in a severe car wreck in the early morning on Friday November 8, 2013. He was a backseat passenger and suffered several injuries. He’s currently awaiting going into surgery for a broken arm and jaw. His surgeries keep getting pushed back due to complications with pressures in his head and body. Everyday his swelling and bruises are looking better but he is still not able to wake up nor breathe on his own. We’ve set up a fundraiser to help him and his family during this tough time and the long recovery that we are expecting to see.

Alex is a talented artist so a few of his friends got together to make this t-shirt from his art to try to help get some more funds rolling his way. We are currently taking pre-orders and they will start shipping as early as next week. $25 + shipping and 100% of the money made will go straight to the Get Well Alex fund.