Yesterday I made a pit stop on the way to work to check out this new donut spot, Glazed Donut Works, in my neighborhood of Deep Ellum in Dallas, TX. I had been wanting to check it out, but every morning since it opened it had been extremely packed and I didn’t feel like dealing with the crowd or waking up early enough to beat them. Luckily, when I finally decided to make the stop, there was not much of a line and I walked right in. Like any gourmet (read: hipster) shop, the goods were expensive but the vibe was super cool. The people behind the counter were super friendly and jumped right on my order. They took care of me and let me know what they were doing every step of the way while getting my order ready. They took the time to learn my name and seemed super appreciative of my business despite the fact that they were obviously killing sales judging by the lines and status updates on Facebook letting people know that they had sold out of everything on the previous days. I opted for 6 glazed, 6 chocolate and 4 of the fancy looking Elvis Killer which consisted of a peanut butter donut topped with bananas, honey and bacon. I couldn’t not try it. Check out some of the pics below.