Returning home from my first trip to San Diego’s Comic-Con International was the usual relief after a journey, but I’m sure I would have stayed longer if I had the opportunity. I’d been living in SD during the event last year so I was already pretty aware of how much it transforms the city’s downtown and surrounding areas, but it’s just so much more captivating when you actually set foot inside of the convention center. I’d seen hundreds of photos from Comic-Con on the web over the years but they really don’t do it justice. Walking around the massive building and soaking in all of the chatter and euphoria from the hardcore fans added so much more to the experience. It was amazing to see how much interaction there was. The people here were truly fans, buying anything they can to take home, waiting in excruciating lines to see actors, artists or just cool stages, and shuffling through a crowd of over 100,000 others who were there to do the same. One and a half days was enough for me but I’m sure if I came more prepared next year, I could handle at least 2 of the 3 days of walking and exploring the entire event.

For me this was a work trip meaning I had the benefit of being taken care of for the event, but also couldn’t experience all of the things I would have liked to. Luckily the place is swarming with people in amazing costumes and is full of life in every inch of the venue. If you’re into the slightest bit of pop culture, it would be impossible to not get at least a glimpse of some of your favorite characters across all sorts of media. Just one simple walk around the building will find you immersed in people selling fan art, amazing toys, costumes and games. Video game demos, giant screens with movies and TV shows playing, interactive LEGO walls, statues, sculptures, cars, pirate ships…it’s sensory overload! This was definitely a bucket list item and I couldn’t be more thankful for having had this opportunity. I could write about this for another few paragraphs, but I’ll just post these pictures and shut my mouth. Hope you enjoy!