Welcome back, ya’ll. Since making the changes to Fresher Than and turning the site into an online store to sell my t-shirts, I’ve talked to a lot of my friends about getting their tees in the store too. So far, my buddy Mike Herrera has dropped the amazing Wu-Tanner shirt and hopefully there will be more stuff in the store soon.

In an attempt to avoid too much confusion I’ve decided to create my own brand for my tee designs to keep them separate from Fresher Than. Allow me to introduce to you Stock & Prospect Clothing Co.

Stock & Prospect will be the label my tees are sold under and will be available for sale in the Fresher Than store. Make sense? It’s a small change for now but I am hoping to take things further in the future. From now on, any tee sold under the S&P label will be packaged with branding and hopefully some freebies in the near future. I’ve managed to grab a url for Stock & Prospect but for now it will simply point here so you can buy it just like before.

I hope you guys are enjoying what I’ve put out so far and don’t be afraid to contact me with any questions. For now, just enjoy these pics of Stacy Green wearing these designs!